I first wanted to start a podcast back in 2016 reviewing gigs when I was living in Europe.

At the time, the start-up costs were more than I could afford and the bigger problem was that I had no idea how to do it. Fast forward to peak-covid in 2020, and I was asked to put a proposal together to start a podcast for my workplace. I had to figure out how to do it all, from planning the schedule, booking and recording the guests, sending off the audio to an editor and then getting it online and promoting it.  

About 6 months later I thought it might be time to finally get my shit together and start my own heavy metal podcast. It then took a further 6 months to work up the guts to reach out to potential guests, and guess what… they agreed to have a chat with me! 

I’ve always written and asked interview questions for various roles I’ve worked in but this is the first time I’ve had to sit down and really hear my speaking voice recorded as part of the interview. And as when anyone hears their own voice, I thought shit… do I actually sound like that?!? Because apparently I have a slight lisp which I’d never really heard before. 

You can check out the very first and very unscripted intro episode (yes, its just me rambling and having a chuckle at myself for 6 minutes) and listen to new episodes just about anywhere you can find podcasts. It is rated as explicit due to me swearing a lot, so it may be restricted in some countries, but you can listen to it on my website instead.

Check out the intro episode below to find out what The Heavy Corner Podcast is all about. If you’re keen to follow me on this journey, please follow, rate, like and subscribe to hear the monthly episodes as they’re released! 

PS: I’m learning to edit the audio for the episodes as I go, so I’m sure I’ll only get better at it with time. With any luck I’ll have a professional on board soon.

The Heavy Corner Podcast is created, recorded, edited and produced by Annelise M. The intro and outro music is written by Dan G. Thank you to all of my wonderful guests now and in the future.

Please do not reproduce any part of The Heavy Corner Podcast without permission. You can email me at theheavycorner@gmail.com if you have any queries.

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Annelise M

Jack of all trades, master of none… I’m a writer, photographer, podcaster, singer, makeup artist, marketer and livestream manager.