I’m back! I know it’s been a while, but in this episode we discuss getting back on the proverbial horse with none other than Jim Grey of Caligula’s Horse. We talk about how Jim discovered his singing voice, the strange history from Arcane to writing with Sam Vallen and starting c-horse, spoken word performances and when the creativity and inspiration dries up.

You’ll definitely get a chuckle from this one, so make sure you also check out Jim’s podcast The Music in Everything. P.S – that show in Mexico I was talking about was Hypocrisy… 

Photo from Caligula’s Horse playing at De Helling in the Netherlands.

Thanks to Dan G for writing the intro and outro music, and to sonictonic on Fiverr for co-editing this episode with me.

Please do not reproduce any part of The Heavy Corner Podcast without permission. You can reach out online if you have any queries.

Show notes:

You can listen to Jim, Sam & Sam’s podcast The Music in Everything here.

You also can listen via:

Spotify 👉 https://spoti.fi/3HGqi79

Apple👉 https://apple.co/3iPTAFM

Podbean 👉 https://theheavycorner.podbean.com/

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