Just a quick entry with a few memories and photos from Big Day Out (BDO) back in 2004.

2004 was a huge year of live music for me. I remember the early morning trek via public transport to get to the Sydney Entertainment Centre to buy tickets for Metallica side-show. My parents and I joined the queue alongside those who had clearly camped out all night. We were the last lot in line to walk away with tickets before it had completely sold out.

Like many others out there, this was a band I grew up listening to. I’d spent my whole life hearing Dad’s stories from touring with them in 1989. They were one of my biggest bucket list bands to see at the time. Seeing them 3 times in the space of a few weeks with my parents and my best friends was literally the coolest thing ever at 15 years old.

I was lucky enough to be at both days of BDO that year. I caught a number of incredible acts including The Butterfly Effect, they had such a big influence on me back then.

Even now, I remember the first time I heard Crave on Channel V and I was instantly obsessed. It was the coolest thing at the time to watch them side of stage and meet them after their set. Super sweet dudes. I remember the pit was so energetic and rough. I wasn’t allowed to go in it but I was able to watch them from side of stage.

BDO highlights

Metallica, Muse, the Mars Volta and the Butterfly Effect. Bands I regret not knowing at the time: Aphex Twin.

Photo below: Clearly in full goth phase with two of my besties. I’m on the far right and yes, I had the worst sunburn on my legs from those fishnet tights lol.

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