Intro to The Heavy Corner Podcast

Listen to the trailer episode of The Heavy Corner Podcast with your host, Annelise. This short and unscripted intro tells you a little bit about me, where the podcast name comes from, some of my heavy metal history. Plus it will give you some insight of what’s to come in future episodes!

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Episode transcript

Hello and welcome to the podcast. This is the very first episode of The Heavy Corner!

I wanted to thank you guys for joining me today and having a listen, I know it’s always a little bit risky listening to a very first episode of a podcast and today we don’t have any guest speakers, so you are stuck with me! So I just wanted to do a little introduction to tell you a bit about the podcast: what is The Heavy Corner, what you can expect and when to come back to listen to the first real episode. It’s going to have an awesome guest speaker from a pretty well known metal band here in Australia. I won’t give you any hints right now, but they will be coming soon. And yeah, you can check in to listen to that episode early January.

So what is The Heavy Corner? Well, technically it’s a pub… The very first time I went to Helsinki, I was 18 turning 19 and I stayed at this little hostel called Hostel Academica. For any of you guys who know Helsinki well, you might have stayed there as well before. At the very top of that street when you’re walking from, let’s just say if you get off a bus at Kamppi, at the station and again, excuse my horrible pronunciation of Finnish names that I cannot pronounce, but hopefully you know what I mean… Um, so yeah, so I got off the bus and well this is before the days of proper internet and technology.

I think I had a pretty shocking Nokia phone back then or it might have been a really dodgy iPhone, and I didn’t have any kind of wifi or international roaming or anything like that. I remember having to call my parents from the pay phone to tell them that I landed safely. And that was a really traumatic and hilarious event at the train station with like these Finnish cops watching me trying to figure it out and wondering what the hell I was trying to do with this pay phone. Anyways, so if you are walking to Hostel Academica at the very top of the street, there was a bar called The Heavy Corner (it closed a few years after my first visit).

So I’m going to, well, I have named this podcast and my blog in tribute to The Heavy Corner in Helsinki and also for my love for literally everything that is Finnish. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been to Helsinki like 10 or more times in the past few years and yeah, I think, you know, if I could live there probably would. But the language is really hard, I tried to learn it once and I failed miserably. So there is no hope of me getting a job there anytime soon.

So what is The Heavy Corner in relation to a blog / podcast / whatever else I do with this thing? Um, it’s really just a place for all the misfits. It’s a place for the weird kids, the metal heads, the people who like rock and or roll… I mean, it doesn’t really matter what you listen to. I don’t care, I like everything from Byron Adams to Ishahn. So, you know, here we are.

And this is really just a place to talk about all things heavy metal, hard rock. I’m going to be speaking to guest musicians, artists and people who work in the industry. I’m thinking of doing a little segment called short stories, which will be hilarious and/or really random stories from my travel adventures over the years.

I’m also going to be speaking with Mat from Mortal Sin, who’s also going to be telling us some short stories of his own from really cool tours that they have done over the years and getting to hear that from him firsthand as well. So, for those of you who don’t know, Mat is also my dad, so that’s part of why I’m here and why I know a lot about heavy metal, I guess?

I’ve been going to gigs for as long as well, I’ve been allowed to… I got snuck into many a venue when I was 13, 14, 15, roaming around backstage at Big Day Out every year when Dad worked on it. Um… God, I’ve been to so many gigs! I lived in the Netherlands for a year and I saw an absolute shit-tonne of bands over there and um, festivals. I got my first job, well my very first job was Utopia Records, but I got my first real job as a receptionist so I could save up and go to Europe.

That first year I went to Helsinki, I went to uh… again, I’m going to butcher some names here. I went to Ankkarock and I got to photograph that festival, which was pretty fucking cool. And Nine Inch Nails were there, and The Gathering and I can’t remember who else… Hanoi rocks, the 69 Eyes, so many cool bands. There was also Sonata Arctica. I’m really trying to like, reach into the back of my memory here. But you know, I went there, I went to Paris… uh I cant remember if I went anywhere else on that first trip, but I’ve been back to Europe nearly every year since, Covid aside and like the rest of you I’m really just dying to go to a concert!

So once gigs are back up, I will get back into writing reviews again. Um, and again, I’m not getting paid to do any of this. This podcast is all fully self funded, and it’s me just going to gigs that I love anyway, I’ve already bought tickets for the most part. Same with my photography at this stage, any photos you see is just me at gigs doing the things I love and I really can’t wait to share more with you guys!

So hang in there, I will see you back in January for our very first official episode, by our I mean me, but total autopilot saying that anyway. I really can’t wait to to see you guys, to speak with you guys online… Yeah, thanks again, that’s all I got! See you guys soon… Bye

Photos from Ankkarock in 2007 below

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